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Special Presentation:
Fast Track Business Plan For 2023

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Cost: $47 - Usually $330

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Many business owners are using the holiday's to plan for 2023.

In this session we will show you the exact system used by global companies. Customised for small business.

You will be given the step by step guide and tools to set in place a comprehensive strategy.

An easy to understand and easy implement system. One that we used to triple revenue in our business.

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Get Clarity

So many business owners slave away at their business, get to the end of the year, rest for a few weeks and then get back into it again for more of the same.

Never really taking time to work on their business and understanding where they want it to go.

You might know a few people who seem to do this well and on the surface they look their business is doing ok by going with the flow.

But as a business owner, taking control of your direction will help you:

  • to know where to allocate resources

  • leverage opportunities

  • scale and grow

  • set up for succession and successful exit

  • have happier staff along for the journey

  • feel a lot more relaxed!

You're Too Busy To Plan

Having a documented strategy that was aligned to what I wanted to achieve personally, helped me stay focused on our business and achieve growth.

It wasn't always like that. I used to prefer going with the flow and hated to be tied down to a plan.


However, it was difficult to get staff and stakeholders to come on a journey with us as business owners. I'd often be working late into the morning and there was little time for family or even just to go for a run.

Then we implemented a simple Strategy Map process that gave us a business plan on a page that everyone could get excited about.

The best thing was that everyone in the business could now see how they could benefit personally from our business sucess.

The result was a happy workforce, I was personally happy and able to spend more time with my young family.

The Club Spirit Program

What you get on the webinar

On this webinar I will give you the tools we used to grow our business and what I provide our consulting clients for a lot more than $47!

These are currently part of The Club Spirit Program.

You will be given:

  • Business planning template

  • Ultimate personal goals format

  • Access to implementation support

  • Implementation calendar


At the end of the webinar you will be fully equipped and ready to create your most motivating business plan and action items to make 2023 your most inspiring one you've had!

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