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Our Story

Club Spirit™ is an Island Spirit™ project.

Founded in 2006 by Jason & Katrina Andrew, Island Spirit™ has created various projects in promoting financial, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Club Spirit is an organisation that helps business owners involved in sports clubs. We do this in two ways:

1. We help clients build and maintain a business that allows them to achieve their personal goals and spend more time doing what they enjoy. This could be with family and friends and typically for our clients, also includes involvement in a sporting club.

2. We help their sports club grow through increased engagement from volunteers and players.

The process we used is proven through Jason's success having grown and sold a financial advice business to a global company. And as the President of a local rugby union club, where they went from being in the red on a council repayment plan, to growing players, volunteers and finishing each season with 25% more money in the bank.

There is a simple formula to growing happy thriving communities and we want to share it with as many clubs and businesses as we can.

Meet the Founder

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