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At Club Spirit our mission is to create more happiness on the planet by helping to build successful sporting clubs & businesses.

We work closely with Boards, CEOs and business owners to help drive alignment to their organisational purpose.

Become a Spirit Consultant with your very own business through our licensing agreement.

Available globally.

Why Join Club Spirit?

Take your hard earned skills being in the workforce and put this into having your own business.

Make someone else successful collecting a salary, or build an asset for you and your family.

Personal Growth

Increase personal fulfillment by having a business that gives your enjoyment and challenges you to always be learning. Be at the cutting edge of knowledge.


Be part of a growing team amongst like minded people. We give you the tools and ongoing training to set up and grow your business. 

Have an impact

  • Work with clubs and businesses that want to make a difference

  • Help individuals realise their most important meaningful goals.

  • Create more successful clubs and businesses

  • Build ...Happy People. Happy Planet

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