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Dare to be a Game Changer?
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Ready to Reimagine the Race to Success? Find Your Stride with Club Spirit!

In the race to success, the quick don't always beat the steady. At Club Spirit, we believe in the African philosophy of 'Happa Happa', a powerful mantra that echoes through the mighty landscapes of Kenya, encouraging us to 'slow down to go faster'. It's an ethos that was first introduced to our Founder Jason Potoi Andrew, when he heard middle distance Olympian runner Andrew May, talk about hearing the words all the time when training for the 2000 Olympics in Kenya. And it’s an approach at the cornerstone of our unique programs. 


Are you a busy business owner, your days chock-full, clock racing against you? Learn to harness the power of patience, of pacing yourself, of aligning your stride with your heart's beat. With Club Spirit, you're not just running in the rat race; you're taking the reins and redefining the race itself.

Ready to Conquer the Challenge? Check out our Flagship Programs!

1. Game Changer - Ultimate Game Plan

Unearth and explore your personal value proposition. We'll help you dive deep into your soul's inner workings, mapping out your unique drive, your passions, your inspirations. It's time to let your true goals emerge from your personal values, to let them illuminate the path for your business journey. 

Club Spirit's Ultimate Game Plan then coaxes these fundamental life goals into the light of practical reality. We'll create a robust business strategy, supported by the four key pillars: Client, Process, People, and Financial. This way, you're not just aiming for success; you're creating an achievable blueprint to get there.

2. Game Changer - In The Arena

You’ve set the course. Now let's steer the ship towards the horizon. With the In The Arena program, we transform plans into palpable progress. It begins with carving out your Ideal Week, where work, life, and balance fuse into a potent blend.

We'll guide you through the intricate web of your key projects, establishing feasible timelines, and providing a bird's eye view of your current systems and processes. With us, you will identify areas for potential improvement, tweaking your operations towards optimum efficiency. And guess what? We're not tied to any specific CRM or technology, our methods mold to your needs.

With Club Spirit, business isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. And just like the world-class Kenyan athletes, we understand that sometimes, you need to 'slow down to go faster'. 

Discover how our transformative programs can guide you towards a new rhythm of success. It’s time for less hustle, more harmony. Ready, set, join the Club Spirit today! 🏁🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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