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Sports Clubs


Amateur and Semi Professional Clubs

Many sports clubs around the globe are run by volunteers or small teams of workers. How do you leverage your resources to grow your member base and stay sustainable?

Utilising our unique strategy process, we engage with your key stakeholders and take them on a journey to get everyone on the same page.

People involved in sports club administration and coaching are driven by a passion that is hard to replicate in the business world. However if you can implement business practices into a sports club in a an easy way that people are willing to implement. Then you you can truly build a  sustainable community that attracts more members.

At Club Spirit we believe that if more people are involved in sports clubs, the world would be a better place. 

Case Study

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The Problem

  • Club is going around in circles

  • Slowly losing members

  • The same people doing all the work all the time

  • Everyone else has an idea on what should be done. But don't want to put their hand up to help.

  • Difficult to find consistent sponsors

  • Feel like there is a lack of direction

  • Decreasing revenue

Our Solutions

Build a Club wide Strategy that is based on core club values, pulling from a common story that everyone can identify with.

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